Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ferrari for the Ambitious, Unemployed and Unemployable

What a bizarre scene. Click the photos, they are large. Check out all that crap in the background. Forget the Ferrari, how much is that yellow shopping bag?

I was thinking at lunch, that I am too old to become a professional athlete. Also, I don't have the natural ability, killer instinct or competitive zeal. But, I thought, perhaps falconry. If I dedicated myself to it every day as if it was my job, perhaps I could compete at an international level. Not sure if falconry even exists anymore.

The Ferrari is sorta the same thing. With a Harbor Freight mill and unlimited time, could a dedicated amateur get this Ferrari back on the road? Needs brakes? Mill new wheel cylinders from scratch! That's what Bugatti would do. Get the shoes re-lined at Valley Friction, that is easy. Bend your own hard lines and use a handful of brass adapters to hook up Astro van soft hoses. No problem! Stitch the soft parts on your sewing machine and if it is missing the glove box door, just whittle a new one from wood! Don't know how to whittle? Of course not! But this is your new job, remember. You will learn.

More time than money. I don't know that one lifetime is enough for the falconry and the Ferrari, but it sure would be a hell of a combination.

Ferrari, at auction, no affiliation

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1962 Triumph TR3 Testing Hoopty Resolve

I swore, never again. Never would I take on a project that needed everything. Problem is, after weeks of work and a laundry basket of cash, these abandoned cars are still pretty miserable to drive and they can't stay in their own lane. Unsexy stuff, like wheel cylinders, gas tanks and exhaust systems gobble cash.

As a side note, props to Beverly Hills Car Club. They are not afraid of selling crazy projects and don't try to extract top dollar for barn find cars. I really appreciate the sale prep, photography quality and that issues aren't hidden under a coat of Krylon. Fantasy Junction for the spendthrift with more optimism and ambition than money and common sense. Check the bungie cord that is no longer holding down the battery. Or, more correctly, I should say, check out the bungie that was never holding down the battery, but was being used in that capacity in a decorative, if not functional, sense.

1963 Triumph TR3, no affiliation

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alfa Romeo Trash Car

Possibly a cool car, but they couldn't empty the trash out of it before taking pictures?

On craigslist

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Esso Sticker - Approved

An Esso sticker on the front fender makes anything look racy. Consider a Toyota Starlet. Add an Esso sticker. Better, right?

Also, related, see Agip and Elf

Seen at Cork Grips Tumblr

Monday, October 15, 2012

Every Pickup Needs Perimeter Tie downs

Bring a trailer featured an amazing, original condition Datsun pick-up truck and bidding has already reached a lofty $10k with 15 hours to go.

At some point, aesthetics dictated that tie downs around the perimeter of the bed were too ugly for the consumer market. What a shame. Tarping a load without them is a total pain in the neck. It seems every full size, alley trolling metal collector or gardening truck has had coat hooks screwed in the side to compensate. Always crooked, surface metal always dimpled where they are pulling out.

I wonder if there is commercial bed rail that integrates simple hooks - not an 'integrated, patented loading system.'

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Abercrombie and Fitch Corduroy Safari

For those that know my epic want list, I have been trying to buy one of these jackets for ten years.

The fourth jacket that I have encountered has slipped through my fingers. I detail my chase at my other blog, Dinosaurs and Robots.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to turn $7,200 into $17,200 or $27,200

The rear spoiler is particularly appealing, in a very crude and racy sort of way. Ad says that the carb and dash cluster were damaged in an accident, which strikes me as an odd damage to sustain.

Half-freshened, a single Cibie on the front, new livery, out of spec harness, race gas, spent autocross tires and attack Mulholland at 5AM. A challenge... how cheaply can you get it running and stopping. Do you include bail in the estimate, only the final tally or chalk that up to life experience?

On craigslist, no affiliation.

 Something like this, but think Krylon and that self-stick aluminum from Home Depot. DieHard sticker is a must.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Now, I have one of these.

Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Removing Tool CATV

Not being able to split and extend your cable is ridiculous.

In other news, my 2000 Chevy Silverado truck failed smog today. Evap failure. There is a whole closed vacuum system to recirculate gas fumes from the tank just like PCV works for oily engine air. The whole system is quick release connectors, hard and soft lines. You unsnap the connector, look inside at the nitrile o-ring, poke it, wonder if it is still supple enough, shrug and snap it back together.

All that snapping is pronto fast for assembly of automobiles, but it sure makes for difficult troubleshooting and expensive replacement parts. A few years ago, when Maytag was still a stateside company, I read their annual report and they spent a lot of time crowing about their huge parts margins and their de facto lock on the parts market for their equipment. Somewhat excusable as they made quality parts, but now that it has been bought by a Chinese manufacturer, the parts quality has gone down the toilet.

This isn't a "they are stealing our jobs, everything from China sucks" rant. It is a very specific problem. I like lots of stuff that is made in China. Hard to imagine my iPhone being any better than it is and lots of bike parts are amazingly nice.

There is a fluid filled brake mechanism for Maytag commercial top loaders. It goes bad every few years. For the past year, every brake comes out of the box leaking or starts leaking within 1 month. It is amazing. It is like getting a pancake in a Japanese hotel - it looks like a pancake, but it tastes nothing like a pancake.

Chevy fixed. Bad gas cap! Ain't that the pickles. After disconnecting every quick disconnect and blowing in here and there, I decided the cap would certainly be the cheapest point of failure. Smog passed.