Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Now, I have one of these.

Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Removing Tool CATV

Not being able to split and extend your cable is ridiculous.

In other news, my 2000 Chevy Silverado truck failed smog today. Evap failure. There is a whole closed vacuum system to recirculate gas fumes from the tank just like PCV works for oily engine air. The whole system is quick release connectors, hard and soft lines. You unsnap the connector, look inside at the nitrile o-ring, poke it, wonder if it is still supple enough, shrug and snap it back together.

All that snapping is pronto fast for assembly of automobiles, but it sure makes for difficult troubleshooting and expensive replacement parts. A few years ago, when Maytag was still a stateside company, I read their annual report and they spent a lot of time crowing about their huge parts margins and their de facto lock on the parts market for their equipment. Somewhat excusable as they made quality parts, but now that it has been bought by a Chinese manufacturer, the parts quality has gone down the toilet.

This isn't a "they are stealing our jobs, everything from China sucks" rant. It is a very specific problem. I like lots of stuff that is made in China. Hard to imagine my iPhone being any better than it is and lots of bike parts are amazingly nice.

There is a fluid filled brake mechanism for Maytag commercial top loaders. It goes bad every few years. For the past year, every brake comes out of the box leaking or starts leaking within 1 month. It is amazing. It is like getting a pancake in a Japanese hotel - it looks like a pancake, but it tastes nothing like a pancake.

Chevy fixed. Bad gas cap! Ain't that the pickles. After disconnecting every quick disconnect and blowing in here and there, I decided the cap would certainly be the cheapest point of failure. Smog passed.