Thursday, October 25, 2012

1962 Triumph TR3 Testing Hoopty Resolve

I swore, never again. Never would I take on a project that needed everything. Problem is, after weeks of work and a laundry basket of cash, these abandoned cars are still pretty miserable to drive and they can't stay in their own lane. Unsexy stuff, like wheel cylinders, gas tanks and exhaust systems gobble cash.

As a side note, props to Beverly Hills Car Club. They are not afraid of selling crazy projects and don't try to extract top dollar for barn find cars. I really appreciate the sale prep, photography quality and that issues aren't hidden under a coat of Krylon. Fantasy Junction for the spendthrift with more optimism and ambition than money and common sense. Check the bungie cord that is no longer holding down the battery. Or, more correctly, I should say, check out the bungie that was never holding down the battery, but was being used in that capacity in a decorative, if not functional, sense.

1963 Triumph TR3, no affiliation