Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ferrari for the Ambitious, Unemployed and Unemployable

What a bizarre scene. Click the photos, they are large. Check out all that crap in the background. Forget the Ferrari, how much is that yellow shopping bag?

I was thinking at lunch, that I am too old to become a professional athlete. Also, I don't have the natural ability, killer instinct or competitive zeal. But, I thought, perhaps falconry. If I dedicated myself to it every day as if it was my job, perhaps I could compete at an international level. Not sure if falconry even exists anymore.

The Ferrari is sorta the same thing. With a Harbor Freight mill and unlimited time, could a dedicated amateur get this Ferrari back on the road? Needs brakes? Mill new wheel cylinders from scratch! That's what Bugatti would do. Get the shoes re-lined at Valley Friction, that is easy. Bend your own hard lines and use a handful of brass adapters to hook up Astro van soft hoses. No problem! Stitch the soft parts on your sewing machine and if it is missing the glove box door, just whittle a new one from wood! Don't know how to whittle? Of course not! But this is your new job, remember. You will learn.

More time than money. I don't know that one lifetime is enough for the falconry and the Ferrari, but it sure would be a hell of a combination.

Ferrari, at auction, no affiliation