Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Times of Great Abundance

In stark contrast to the thriftiness exhibited by using your idle automobile as a farm tractor, neighbors threw this quaint desk in the trash. It had been subjected to various insults over its long life and I had to strip three layers of paint plus the odd contact paper. People ask if I refinish furniture and I do - just as often as it takes me to forget what a terrible job it is. Just as often as it takes to forget the safety strippers don't work. Just long enough to forget the feeling of fingers frying in black, chemical resistant gloves.

Probably not the best thing I ever found in the trash, but this is the cornerstone of the buck-98 outdoor room. Why the crosswords will be solving themselves! Chances are, this desk was the best thing the prior owners had in their house and they threw it in the trash. I should challenge them to a crossword puzzle tourney.