Friday, September 30, 2005


Owning a small business concern, I have had a repeated problem with people ripping the public restroom sink off the wall. The hanging sink, though sound for home, presents a real challenge in public places. Despite all efforts, the sink ended up on the floor more than once. I like to think of mothers, weary from the workaday world, taking a short break by sitting on my sink while an adorable toddler tinkles rather than peeing his pants. More often, it is just malicious intent. That and standing on the sink to smoke crack closer to the exhaust fan.

After examining all options, I decided any Home Depot solution would be temporary at best. I figured the next time the sink was on the floor, it would be surrounded by birch contact paper particle board. So, I bought the cheapest vanity sink and welded this fine looking rollcage for it. This photo was actually taken before completion during an exhaustive QA session with my small dog. Unsatisfied, I welded some more cross braces front to back, primed it, painted it gloss black and bolted it to the wall with 6 wall anchors.

By the looks of this sink, it would appear that I was in the prison privatization business.