Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dada Desk Set

Recently, I decided that my less than stellar New York Times Crossword performance was probably due to the lack of a proper outdoor room. In a Sunset magazine fueled hysteria, it seems that a fellow without an outdoor room is a savage. A suburban dweller without an outdoor room - criminal.

Though it does not look inspirational, this little trash can desk is the cornerstone of my future outdoor room. As usual, I have broad, sweeping plans but would like to execute them for under $10 and in a couple days. This rubbish find was a puzzle. It looks somewhat modern, but it's made of quartersawn oak. I couldn't figure out the hairpin legs on a piece with an old oak drawer pull (see center drawer, click the pic to blow up.) Then I realized, this is a super crappo re-use desk! This fucker was a bungalow built-in! Some dingdong pulled it out only to insult with those dimestore legs, a new plywood backpanel and a mod color. Over the three coats of paint, somebody decided they wanted it woodgrain again but refinishing it was too much work! Instead, they painstakingly puzzle piece cut contact paper to bring it back to its original grandeur. It was the most dada thing I had seen all day and that is saying something considering I had lunch in Monterey Park at a place that featured 'smelled beef'. What a nutty bing-bong world.

Considering how much I hate refinishing, I really considered buying some brick contact paper and bolting a bicycle wheel to the top.