Saturday, April 30, 2005

Holy Hillclimbers!

When I was assembling my front yard, I wanted a gradual rolling hill to suggest my house was over a mountain range and insulated from the street. With a mere shovel I constructed this ridiculous bump in the lawn and nearly every time I walk by my own house, I laugh at it's complete lack of consequence. That was until I pushed these two mean machines into place.

Back when I was a kid, I remember Steve arguing with Ron that his friendship was not sincere. That maybe, Ron was really just interested in Steve's Honda ATC and, perhaps, only kept up appearances to be able to ride around until the streetlights came on. There are certainly worse reasons to pretend to like somebody. For $225, you can stop being a liar and tell them what you really think.

Perhaps you have been tempted to get an old car or even one of the magnificent Hooptyrides featured here. And nobody could blame you as it is the one true path. The joys of mechanics and the cajoling of engines back to life is life's truest pleasure. To be able to coax an engine back to a coughing, sputtering, backfiring machine is truly exciting. When it happens at 2 AM, it is nearly ecstatic and forces you to sit down with a scotch and giggle endlessly. Yes, I will make a bulk purchase discount available to true optimists.