Saturday, April 30, 2005

Newest Hooptyride! 1985 Honda 250 SX! $SOLD!

SOLD! And it might run! The previous owners said that it had run 6 months ago, but I don't believe them. The gas tank is rusty and gas drips out. Not great, admittedly, but there are at least two replacement gas tanks on ebay right now.

Electric start!
Needs tires!
Needs battery!
I don't have key but have already bypassed!
Good compression! Looks sharp!
Needs fenders and incidentals!
Seems very original!

I am selling cheap as I have a few other projects going. I cleaned it up and it could use another couple hours of cleaning. Ideally, brittle fenders and seat should be replaced. This is going to require the same nursing back to health that the Puch required. It didn't take much to get the Puch back on the road - just addressing the fuel system.