Monday, April 25, 2005

New Addition to Hooptyrides Fleet!

Not the first automobile that I have purchased at a garage sale though probably the most ambitious.

The area rug on the roof is not included in the sale, the inclusion of the blue tarp is questionable, but the 1930/31 Model A pickup truck cab cradling cart is included.

This purchase immediately preceeded Coop's purchase of a not dissimilar pile of vintage tin. I would call his Phaeton a bucket of bolts, but we actually had to buy bolts to get it to its current near road-ready state. Besides our passion for automobiles, Coop and I share an uncommon (and wallet emptying) optimism.

To Coop's credit, his new purchase is ensconced in his shop while mine is still spread over a 6750 square foot Desert Tortoise Preserve/tract home. If you were to map each Model A/T component that I purchased on the parcel map, it would look an awful lot like a nighttime sky star map. Clusters here and there, but nearly completely fucking random. I wouldn't be surprised if there are parts in the toilet tank.