Thursday, February 16, 2006

Super Discount Monkeemobile!

Upon seeing the wild homemade dune buggies, Hooptyrider Vince sent in pictures of this superb Oldsmobile V-8 powered beach buggy. What it is lacking in refinement it certainly makes up for in passion. I imagine women were powerless over the appeal of these cool kats in this hopped up jalopy. Please note the giant engine, oogah horn, hood ornament and, if I am not mistaken, what appears to be a battery that is damn near bumper mounted. Would these fellas have had any more fun if it was shiny, red and purchased brand new?

Though it is difficult to make out, that is indeed a beer keg gas tank on the roof. From The Department of Simpler Times or perhaps from The Department of More Lax DMV Regulations, you will note that this custom coachwork dune buggy has license plates! Don't tell Boyd Coddington.

I would have named it Junkyard Dog.