Saturday, January 21, 2006

Homemade Dune Buggies!

Coop sent this fantastic link to a homemade dune buggy site that literally gives a feeling of something akin to motion sickness. Queasy. Everything I have ever done in my life looks absolutely sane in comparison to this whacked out delight of a hobby. Sometimes you get in something so deep that you don't realize it is completely insane. God bless em!
8-Ball! My goodness. My heart goes pitty-pat. If I built this exquisite vehicle, I would be so proud I would sleep in the garage with my arms around it. So what, you say? Big deal? Sure, lots of cars of higher craftsmanship, more accomplished engineering and refined aesthetics have been built since 8-Ball, but this is important in the context of time. People were not building dune buggies with over-filled bias ply white wall tires to tear around the sand dunes. What a little character! Reminds me of an ornery Scottish Terrier.
Looks like paradise! I could eat 100 hot dogs sitting there amidst a gaggle of home built dune buggies.