Friday, November 04, 2005

Hobo Convention

Though the we are the cheapest and easiest of hustlers, Hooptyrides prides ourselves in not being a link farm by just reiterating the compelling content found on other fine blogs. So much for pride. Boingboing has a superb photo archive link that is an immediate 1 hour time suck. At first, you think, I will just check out the high points of extreme personal interest, like Automobile Racing and Chinatown. But then how can you resist Anarchists-- 1910-1920? And what sort of no fun, wet blanket would not click Coney Island - Auto Polo? Or the Bridge of Laughs? What sort of boring sod could resist Chicken Sellers, Mexico City or Forensic Photos 1890-1900? Like I could not click Funeral of Harold Rosenthal, a gambler? Motorcycles, Tugboats, Nanking and Nagoya? Octopuses 1890-1920? Sick Persons -- Illinois -- Ottawa 1900-1920?

What am I? Carved of wood? An unfeeling, unthinking cog in the works? Who could is not curious enough to click Rat Catcher? There goes another evening of progress.