Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pinball Update (of sorts)

The greatest thing about the internet is it lets obsessives be obsessive with the camaraderie of other obsessives. Well, I still haven't done so much to the Captain Fantastic, but I've received lots of advice and pointers.

As Jeremy pointed out, in reference to my using Lubriplate on the solenoids:

Note that pinball machines are generally "dry lube" devices - any solenoid
in it shouldn't be lubricated.
So, that was a mistake. But you know, I always like to bum rush the show and just, you know, jump in, get electrocuted, what have you. When I disassembled the scoring wheels, I was able to free them up so they are operating again. The Captain still doesn't 'know' the wheels are reset and a pair of relays still oscillate wildly behind the backglass as the scoring motor runs and runs. I need to stop waiting to find a schematic in the trash.

Then, there was the email from Chris - the grand master of the zip tie and wire loom - and after looking at his photo album of expertly tamed wires, I didn't particularly feel like getting started anymore. I felt more like a nap. It was no accident I didn't show the interior of the World's Largest Ipod.

Finally, I sent an email to Clay of pinrepair.com to compliment him on his fantastic site. He was complimentary about my find and after reading my cavalier exploits with contact cleaner, he sent this sobering tale of not-ordinary fires:

do NOT use contact cleaner on EM games! it is a formula for diaster. i have seen several games BURN all the under playfield wiring due to contact cleaner. i also know a guy that burnt his ball hair because he was working on an EM in his boxers, sprayed contact cleaner on the score motor, put down the playfield, turned it on, and BOMB! coin door burst open with flame burning his nard hair.
What's next? Nude welding? I'll be keeping my contact cleaner in the cabinet and my pants on.