Friday, July 22, 2005

Welding Primer Article in Make Magazine

Everybody's asking, "why don't you get more done?" Because I have been writing for Make Magazine. Even if I didn't write for Make, it would be one of my absolute favorite magazines. People doing interesting things, getting stuff done, screwing up and smashing their thumbs with hammers. It is an honorable publication that is on the path of the super cool old Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated and Popular Science.

So, in the upcoming issue number 3, Mister Jalopy teaches a welding primer. These little MIG welders do a surprisingly good job and practically fit in your glove box. The enclosed photograph... all I can say, digital cameras should have adjustable timers. Whatever time my camera allows, it was pretty damn tight to press the button with welding gloves on, run around my welding table, trip over the dog, scold the dog, get the dog out of the hazard zone, put on my welding helmet, turn on the welder and start welding.

Now, if we can just convince Mark to do some of the projects in the old Scientific American Amateur Scientist features. I keep telling him, I will build the home x-ray machine if he will just submit to a couple experimental x-rays. I am sure we will get the power dialed in after a couple tries. And I will supply a lead hat!