Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good God! Return the fenders!

Always a sucker for Land Rovers, Keith's Page De Home is a terrific find. He has a spiffy Miata, a decent enough old Cadillac, a Caterham 7 kit and a trusty Subaru, but it is the Land Rover that gets you thinking. These old Rovers reek of the sun setting over the shrinking British Empire, of rhino charging your aluminum fenders, of trudging through mud bogs up to the door handles and careening over alpine mountian passes above the treeline but you don't think anybody is actually crazy enough to take these aging, creaky beasts into the real unknown. Keith is! He is that crazy. And crazier. If the pictures of Basil the Land Rover stuck in giant pools of molasses aren't enough to give you an upset stomach, check out the pictures of Basil stripped to the bone for a frame swap. When the project starts like this, it is officially too big a project.

Comparatively, I appear to be a sane naysayer.