Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ford Country Squire Hooptyride

Everybody is asking, what became of the 1965 Ford Country Squire? What about the bare knuckle fist fights? What about the ever-present cooler of cold tall boys? What happened to the glory, the path to the West, industry and the American Way? Have you given up on Ford and, by proxy, the American Dream?

Progress is being made almost daily to the detriment of all other projects. The breadth of projects means even modest progress across the spectrum is impossible and priorities are assigned based on what I feel like doing on any given day.

I removed the F and the O from the tailgate FORD and moved the R and the D next to each other. I welded up the old F and O holes. Using a 60s Corvette Stingray insignia as inspiration, the master Jose Lopez painted the new Hooptyride brand.