Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Idiots Rule.

Further evidence that not all old cars are cool.
Brand new carpet, new door panels and new back seat with a new chrome chain steering wheel, new chrome dash componets, red skull shifter new seat covers,new dash cover,

this Nova is lowered in the rear for that badd ass look with complete RED NEON underbody kit, brand new $600.00 Jensen CD Stereo with RED sony Explode speakers.

you will need the loud stereo to hear over the lake pipes! I WILL NOT BE RESONSIBLE FOR NEIGHBORS BEING PEEED OFF AT YOU!

and a new 50 differnt sounds horn with PA system! ahoogggaaaaaaaa & "get out a my way" to name a few!

Done up WEST COAST Custom Style with all the decals and CUSTOM CAR CULTURE extras, skulls, wrench cross bones, scroll work, chrome dummy spots, wind deflectors, bullets, maltese crosses... the NOVA SS is step back to the cool days... its just plain SICK!

Custom car culture wind deflectors. Makes me embarassed to be alive.

Everything you love, everything meaningful with depth and history, all passionate authentic experiences will be appropriated, mishandled, watered down, cheapened, repackaged, marketed and sold to the people you hate.