Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nostalgic Hero, or What does fast look like? Part II

While searching for Garage Life magazine, I stumbled upon this astonishing magazine. I am a sentimentalist to be sure, but nobody has ever called me Nostalgic Hero. Someday.

The Skyline GT-R holds a reverential place in Japanese auto history without a parallel in the United States. There is no single car in Europe or the US that commands the respect of the Skyline. The Mustang? A Cobra? A Mini Cooper S? The fact that there is no one US/Europe car, that it is open to argument, is what separates it from the singular legend that the Skyline holds.

This is what fast looks like. Grills should be a black, gaping void. Functional spoilers are a must. The screw on fender flares are too damn cool and over the wide tires with black Panasports? That is a bad ass look. The discreet exhaust right in front of the tire - best I have seen since the Trident Exhaust. The oil cooler on the front looks damn serious, especially when you hit the parking stop at the liqour store.

Please contact Hooptyrides Consulting to discuss our new production automobile, the Competition.

Like this GT-R, like a 2002, like a Datsun 510, the Hooptyrides Competition will be a squared off sedan with an actual trunk. The edges will be sharper than a 510 and the hood will dip in the center a little more than this GT-R. That ridge on the bottom of the GT-R door will be kept and played up a little. There will be removable fender flares that will extend over the stock tires and optional larger fender flares will be available to bolt on for race day tires mounted on black Panasports or magnesium look Torque Thrust-Ds.

  • Gaping black abyss of a grill
  • Four round headlights to cover with masking tape
  • A functional trunk with brackets for the optional fuel cell
  • Optional 6 KC light bar over the roof for rallying or driving through Manchuria
  • Black bullet rearview mirrors
  • Stick shift with a cue ball knob
  • All interior trim will be removable
  • Serious racy seats like the Recaros in the old Scirocco's
  • Removable metal bumpers
Available in a host of serious color combinations - 76 ball orange and blue, Sunoco cobalt and yellow, McLaren orange, Martini bright white with red and blue stripes, Gulf GT-40 orange and blue, psychedelic Porsche 917 blue and green and my favorite, a color combination that I can not find, a deep, deep gold with fat black racing stripes down the middle. All cars will have a black outlined white circle on the doors - ready for your number on race day.