Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Garage Life, Part II

Thankfully I am in possession of Garage Life magazine number 22 and it only cost $29. It turns out the Kinikuniya is indeed in Little Tokyo, nearly impossible to find on the second floor of Weller Court.

Perhaps Garage Life 22 is the best magazine of all time. It is difficult to say and it is early to make a statement so bold. The competition is considerable - the New Yorker about the guy that jammed his house full of teacups and stolen rare books, the Smithsonian with the American Chestnut, the Harpers about the Museum of Jurassic Technology, the 1918 National Geographic with the 20 page article on the North American Beaver - but Garage Life can not be oversold. It is a terrifically obsessive magazine about individuals insanely maniacal about garages. I have posted the most extreme garage, but there are other equally compelling articles about smaller, less dramatic garages that are even more precious. I can't scan the whole damn magazine.