Wednesday, January 26, 2005

While looking for vintage muscle cars to figure out why they looked so damn cool (and why the new GTO and Charger look so stupid), I found this terrific photograph of a backseat love den. I can only imagine the despair felt by somebody convinced to get in this automobile. Rear seat removed, green velvet, ridiculous 6v powered camping light, watching Archie Bunker on that little 2-13 television, coordinated yellow throw pillows to match the headliner... Coincidentally, there is a room at the Playboy Mansion that looks exactly like this.

One can only imagine that this car no longer exists due to the high likelyhood of a fire started by bong. Please contact us immediately if you know anything about this automobile. And, if you happen to be one of the individuals lured into this backseat, we would particularly like to hear from you and find out what the hell you were thinking.