Saturday, November 06, 2004

Swarm and Destroy!

What a great looking moped! The 1978 Puch Maxi-Luxe Hi Torque. 2-Stoke power means Hi Torque and honestly, who would want lo torque? Sissified sissies.

I am absolutely enamoured with the Moped Army. Their motto is Swarm and Destroy and following the absolutely undeserved Western Herald editorial slamming the Moped Army, I would suspect Mr. Peter Schinkai will soon be a) swarmed and b) destroyed. Lo Torque Mr. Schinkai.

I am selling the 1978 Puch Maxi-Luxe Hi Torque for $400. I am somewhat negotiable and trade for the all sorts of things.


- Runs very fantastic
- Very nicely cleaned up, comparatively
- Very very complete and original. On/Off switch, fuel petcock and rear view mirror replaced but originals (broken) included
- The tires are a little dry and probably need to be replaced soon. Plenty of tread but, for safety, they should be replaced
- Not perfectly clean, but pretty damn clean. I did not chrome polish the wheels between each spoke. This is a very intimate labor of love and is best left to the new owner. It would be presumptuous for me to be so familiar. Also, there are various odds and ends that could be cleaner. Should we strike a deal, come for an afternoon and I will provide all technical assistance and provide cleaning supplies (chrome polish, 0000 steel wool, LA's Awesome, etc.)
- Includes original manual and warranty and service book (purchased 5/17/79 from Moped Mania [they also sold Vespa, Motobecane and Batavus])
- Book carrier, reflectors, original seat with no rips or tears, beautiful cast aluminum Puch gas cap with built-in 2-cycle oil measuring cup, speedometer, full fenders, full suspension - front and rear, working lights, working horn, motor or pedal, about 1200 original miles, original California Bicycle Registration Permit stickers, classic Puch green and has never been crashed by sensitive poets.
- Some minor paint loss, here and there
- Some chrome pitting. I polished the chrome and it turned out great, but there is some residual pitting. Very presentable. As you are enjoying 150 mpg, you will learn to love the character. This is no Johnny Come Lately, this is a champion for the ages!
- Yes, that is a good looking dog in the background, but she is not available for purchase or trade. Notably absent, the little dog is scared to death of the moped.