Thursday, September 13, 2012

Relentlessly Plastic-y

Whenever I buy a project car, I start a milk crate of take off parts. Every chrome plated interior sheet metal screw goes into a jar, that lives in the crate, as at some point I will either find it's home or a similar loss elsewhere will require the same sort of screw. It can be a bit of a burden e.g. if you replace spark plug wires, do you keep the old ones?

The door map pocket poses no such dilemma. It is total and catastrophic failure. Short of 3-d printing a new one, this is an salvageable situation. Under engineered, certainly, but the amount of plastic in "modern classics" means they sort of dissolve all at once. The vacuum line junctions break at the exact same moment that the map pocket falls off which is the same instant that the plastic trim holders disintegrate.

The door map pocket is satisfying in that succinctly answers whether to keep it. It is true garbage.

(Should I make a replacement pocket from wood? Guess I better keep the plastic one for a template...)