Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Rubber

Doesn't take a lot of Googling to find people saying lots of bad things about Uro windshield and rear window seals. It is true, they sure don't look like a OE component, but the price is solid and they are functional. If you are going to Pebble Beach, I guess you have to call Tom at the Classics Center, but for the rest of us, I think the Uro seals are fine.

My favorite glass place in the Valley installed for $100 for front and rear (I supplied parts.) It was a LOT of work. Two guys working for an hour and a half.

Another notable upgrade, period correct freeway flyer KMA-367 metal license plate frames. Google that!

My 90,000 mile, European delivery, $1500, rust free Mercedes 220 is the least disappointing old car purchase that I have ever made. Plenty wrong, but plenty right and nothing really evil lurking.

When you have a total piece of crap, you are dumping time and money and it always still sorta sucks. But, if the car is solid and together, little upgrades and fixes really make a material impact that you can feel. I replaced the rubber donuts holding up the muffler and I felt like I won the lottery.

My favorite glass place: across the street from the orange octopus on Pendleton. Not in the Pick a Part parking lot, but on Pendleton.