Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hooptyrides HQ and Coco's Variety Have Standardized on 1/4" Industrial/Milton Air Fittings

The best free money that I spent today, Selection Guide to Couplers and Plugs

The best thing I read today, from the aforementioned Selection Guide to Couplers and Plugs, "... there is no advantage to one type shape over another..."

Talk about empowering decision making. No wrong choice! Beautiful. Should all standards decisions be without consequence. 

We have standardized on industrial/Milton. That is why they are neatly lined up in the above photo. 

That means that we will never allow an automotive, ARO or Lincoln across the transom. If tool appears, with an equal but different plug or coupler, we will convert said tool to industrial before it enters the building. 

Also, as the selection guide demolishes the merits of universal couplers and condemns them to the "consumer" ghetto, we will not be seduced the universal coupler's catholic universality.

That means the above mixed couplers and plugs are available at Coco's Variety for no charge. Come and get 'em. No harm in choosing a different standard. The only damning path is to run an organization that is coupler agnostic. We will not go back!