Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Consideration of the Hippiemobile

Takes an awful lot for me to add a blog to my reading list and The Athanasius Kircher Society has met my lofty standards. Certainly, a collective sigh of relief is washing over them. A swell website and there is no lack of slack-jaw wonder.

Worth noting is the recent link that provides a glimpse into the world of housetruck construction, cut-off shorts, long beards, noble dogs, lack of power tools and a seemingly endless stream of fellow long bearded housetruck friends.

The construction log is pretty compelling and despite no mention of restroom facilities, it almost succeeds in convincing you to give up your cable modem in favor of Foxfire.

Attention Hot Rodders! Why, that fellow is Z'ing the frame of his housetruck! Off and running to a pretty good start despite the lack of a dog welding hood. It really is worth reading about little stuff like how he hung the propane tank with turnbuckles and locknuts. Perhaps that will be the name of my garage band, Turnbuckle Locknut.

Sure, I realize, hippie hippie. How could you build something like this and not be a hippie? It is a fair question, but it is hard to deny the appeal of these modern gypsy wagons. Although their optimism and belief in the American Dream evaporated, even John Steinbeck and his blue poodle were powerless against the merits of a house on wheels.
Shirtless Fiberglass - another itchy garage band name

Being a vulgarian, I am less subtle. I prefer the rough and tumble of the custom van rather than the Hansel and Gretel gingerbread housetrucks. They are like a Hostess product, probably tastes pretty good but you can't do it on principal. Perhaps, I thought, in my golden years I would be able to craft a housetruck with a brass porthole, rope ladders and barometer. Then I read the following and realized I am not cut out for it.

My work bench was situated in the the center of my house. This is where I spent a lot of time making my wire jewelry. It was the source of the income I would need to be self-sufficient and fully mobile. Most of my jewelry was sold at art fairs that I traveled to.

These are vehicles built for nice people and I would hate to give anyone the wrong impression. Lead me to your bastardmobiles!