Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wealth Measured by Available Hardware

Everybody has lottery dreams of what they would do with boundless riches and I am no different. I have long held that the ultimate luxury would be to have an entire Dorman nut, bolt, fastener, washer, cotter pin, battery hold down, wingnut, moulding clip, wheel stud, brake clip, hydraulic fitting, starter bolt, oil drain plug and grease fitting display at your private shop. The absolute time suck of any project is having to runout to pick-up some absolutely necessary, 35 cent what-have-you that you could never have forseen needing. The key to real progress is never leaving the shop. The chances of disappointment and aggravation sky rocket as soon as you leave your property lines.

As is often the case with adventures of boundless folly, the purchase price of this absolute jewel is but a shred of total cost of ownership. But everything about this drives me insane with desire! 9 cabinets! With 3 bases! What you see here is a THIRD of the total cabinets! Admittedly, I am in a Halloween sort of mood, but, hubba hubba, that orange and black looks so great I would be tempted to have them in the living room.

Transport from Corpus Christi to Los Angeles would quickly eclipse the reasonable asking price. The auctioneer recommends emptying the cabinets to reduce weight, but refilling them upon arrival would cost six modest fortunes. If anybody is driving a large truck from Corpus Christi this week, please bring this to me. We will eat club sandwiches and drink frosty rootbeer at a card table within a Dorman cabinet constructed U.