Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hooptyrides Store Coupons

Everybody's asking, when is the Hooptyrides store going to be open so that we show our dedication to the Hoopty cause with our open wallets?

Good question. I wonder, too. Naturally, I am outsourcing cause the internet beats me everytime and the hold up, invariably, is my lack of attention to getting it finished. Once again, I blame the sheer number of projects that I have going. Honest, if lackluster.

Frustratingly, I am piss poor at getting across the look that I am after. With each iteration, I would say, 'More tacky! Cheaper! Garish! Like Bozo's popcorn box under the circus bleachers!' and like any sensible designer - thinking I was intoxicated - they kept returning nicer and nicer work. So, I mocked up this terrific confection! Why I'd buy anything the fellow was selling! Lead me to your snake oil, kind sir!