Thursday, August 04, 2005

Holy King of Neptune Exhaust With an Oil Cooler Front Porch Spoiler!

Whenever I am feeling down, I just open this link. So sidesplittingly funny, so heartfelt, so aesthetically preposterous, so obsessively obsessive, it is impossible to not feel immediately better about your own bleak situation. A couple weeks ago, Coop sent me the link and I can't stop looking at it.

There is more space behind those fenders than the average Tokyo apartment! You could raise chickens back there! Clearly, I need to immediately cut some vinyl stars for the Hoopty fleet taillights.

Perhaps the finest automotive archive ever, this extremely generous fellow covers the Japan autoscene for almost 20 years. The main page is here, the gallery here. His profile is just more question marks for westerners, so I will call him tanetane92, based on the URL. I got sucked in by the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon photos that feature ridiculous vehicles like this ivory turd, but the true gold is not in the arena, but outside in the parking lot.
I hadn't blogged it earlier, because where do you even start? And why isn't there an adirondack chair on that front porch?
Is that a skateboard ramp? Imagine the down force. It's a good thing that car never drives over 45 MPH as that rear spoiler would certainly flip it on it's ass.
At first, it is all rib tickler giggles. Then, it all starts to make sense. The oil cooler hoses through the red high beam headlight bucket right above a highly polished spoiler - that is cool as hell! I would be lying if I didn't admit that I started searching for a Honeybee.

The first sensible aftermarket exhaust tip I have seen.
Awwwww! Let's get asphixiated, baby!