Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hooptyrides Store

Everybody is asking, what will we find at the Hooptyrides store?

A fair question. Whatever impossibly cool thing I find, I will buy a couple extra. Or a lot extra. Because I am not averse to spending gobs of money and when you find something like a case of new old stock, sealed in the box military surplus spotlights, it is impossible to not buy the whole case. In fact, it seems like it would be insulting to pull out two and leave the rest to languish in their broken up case.

They are currently equipped with 24v 95,000 candlepower bulbs, but as it is a standard size, I will replace them with 12v aircraft landing lights. You know, something modest and respectible. Though not approved by the Department of Transportation, they are will not be strong enough to blind an old lady. A lamp that will peel paint off a cinder block wall, but not so strong as to kill a rabbit. And hardly a cooler hot rod headlight have I seen.

A reasonable $80 buys a set. Send your money now or when the Hooptyrides store is open. Just send it.