Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Extremely Ugly Big Block Ford Fairmount Wagon on Ebay! Delightful!

Direct from the department of more time than good sense, click to see a wonderful piece of garbage! A big block Ford Fairmont station wagon finished in the delightful color that is known the world over as 'shit brown.' Good to see it still has a roof rack as all true racers should have a little extra storage. The deeper you get in the ad, the more work is created. Little things like the steering rubbing against the headers would have been resolved long ago if it was as easy as it sounds. Perhaps you could coax the extra space with a hammer and a torch, but maybe all that would accomplish is a small power steering hose fire. All that said, you can stop being a loser and be a drag racing superstar this weekend.

A real sleeper, though I would move the tachometer inside and remove the hoodscoop. The height of the big block engine might require additional hood clearance but that fiberglass hood scoop has got to go! I would replace it with a turkey roasting pan. You know, a nice one. Not some piece of junk but maybe a nice granite ware enamel pan. Maybe paint a nice 70s style graphic on the side like 'Poop' or 'The Turd'. And, naturally, it would really benefit from a set of novelty hood pins.