Friday, May 27, 2005

Standard 6750 Square Foot SFV Post-War Tract Home Lot (a few of the square foots did not have Model A parts)

Despite the ugly, homemade space age lamp that looks like a prop for a high school Barbarella production, the rest of this stuff is, you know, real nice stuff. Real grade A junk! A few hoods, a grill shell, an oil pan, a transmission case and a visor! The garage had a ton of stuff as well. Stuff in the side yard. Another shed full of wheels. I brought a pick-up truck load home and there is at least another three loads. All marked from when he bought them at swap meets in the 70's. $1 for motor mounts. $5 for a gas pedal. $3 for a 30/31 front fender. Yeah, prices have hardly changed at all.