Saturday, April 09, 2005

Garage Life visits Hooptyrides

Hooptyrides should have invested in a fisheye lens ages ago as it really creates a sense of space. Peter Linney sent a CD-R of the photos from the Garage Life shoot and it really makes me wish I cleaned up the grease sweep under the compressor. Anticipation of the Garage Life 'Hooptyrides' release is nearly intolerable.

I have seen things in the photos that I forgot I even had. The 3 stoves I had not forgotten about (2 seen here, 1 in the house, as I may be crazy, but I am not a microwaving savage). This past week I secured all the replacement parts required to get the white stove up and out. Though Hooptyride fans are probably excited to see the long overdue O'Keefe and Merritt completed, no one is as excited as I am. I thought a 361 big block would be nice there. Comparatively, the engine would be damn near pocketsize.

Photo Credit: Peter Linney