Friday, April 01, 2005

Easter Sunday

From the Department of Fuck-Yeah, I spent Easter with Coop and Kouki Nojima, editor of the extremely impressive Japanese mook, Garage Life (1,2,3). Kouki was shooting Coop's stable of cars at his studio/shop for an upcoming issue of Garage Life and Coop twisted arms until Kouki agreed to check out my garage.

Coop's shop is eat-off-the-floor clean and filled with all the trick shit. My garage is a terrifying foreshadowing of being crushed by my own treasured junk. Fully anticipating Kouki's head shaking wonderment at why Coop suggested such a thing, I humbly stood by as Kouki surveyed my garage.

Kouki declared, "Authentic American garage... This is Garage Life."