Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mixmaster Matt's Champion Pinewood Derby Car

Matt knows a thing or two about going fast and his Pine Wood spoiler has taken a page from the Ferrari F1 team - know the rules, make them work for you. The vintage water slide details add considerable speed. But what's that, a West Coast Chopper's decal? No way! Schnieder Racing Cams lifted the iron cross years before. Naturally, there are a pair of KC decals where the headlights would be.
It is semi horizontally drilled for aerodynamics as well as sectioned to add 1" to the wheelbase while keeping within the rules. We did this by cutting the car in thirds and reassembling in a new configuration. The longer wheelbase adds stability and allows more ballast to go rearward. The wheels are bsa legal blueprinted coned and lathe turned. They rotate on blueprinted lathe turned axles with conical tips and double machined grooves which hold graphite and reduce rolling friction by lessening contact area. A mix of lead shot and resin epoxy lives in cross drilled holes to achieve a perfect weight within a 1/100 of an ounce of the limit and a precision balance point 1" in front of the rear axle.
Stupidly, I didn't realize there was an obsessive Pinewood community of parts bin matchers and rule benders. Check out this Wall Street Journal article, but do it fast cause it is only for subscribers. The bastards let it live for a paltry 7 days. Like every article was a Pulitzer carved of gold. Wait until WSJ wants to link hooptyrides.com!