Monday, March 21, 2005

Dragstrip for Sale!

Until this very moment, I never considered living in Georgia.

  • Compulink timing system with back-up
  • Concession stand seats 80 people
  • Single-wide mobile home in good shape
  • Old 1/2 mile dirt round track on property
  • Turn key operation, presently operating with loyal employees
  • Comes complete with all equipment to operate
  • Over 300 feet of concrete launch pad
  • 1700 feet shutdown
  • Click on link to see webpage for track -
  • Bleachers seat 1600 - 400 on pit side, 1200 on spectator side
  • Permanent block ticket booth and E.T. shack
  • Metal Halide Lighting with all wiring underground
  • All chainlink fencing and guardrails are in excellent condition
  • Property totals around 130 acres
  • 1st floor of tower is storage and pit-side concession stand
  • 2nd floor is office
  • 3rd floor is operations
  • Large concession stand on spectator side
  • 2 sets of stands on spectator side, 1 set on pit side
  • 4 return roads leading to newly paved pit road.
  • 8 staging lanes
  • New front gates and fencing
  • Owner Financing Available

The two key bullet points - single-wide mobile home and owner financing. Imagine - Hooptyrides International Corporate Headquarters on the second floor of the timing tower.

If somebody wants to buy this for me, Mister Jalopy's Titty Express nightclub and strip bar will dedicate and comp a corner booth until we go broke. A brass personalized plaque, a personal red telephone, lavish attention and an oil portrait of yourself hanging behind said booth. Perhaps with your polo mallet or a shotgun and the day's pheasants. Mister Jalopy's Titty Express will face the race track with giant plate glass windows. Between the patrons and the glass lies the wood parquet stage for the exotic dancing. Spectators will never miss a race nor a dancer. And racers, be they so bold, will get a sneaky peek as they pull the chute.