Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What does fast look like? Part IV (Disappointingly, fast appears to be subjective)

Ben Kraal sent me an email to make the case for Mazda RX-3 replete with enough doodads to shame an Indian passenger bus. On paper, this seems like a slam dunk for fast. Four round headlights, a black gaping grill, bolt-on fender flares, a none too subtle front spoiler and a pair of screwy rear view mirrors nearly mounted on the bumper. If 'first rear view mirror to cross the finish line, wins', this RX-3 would indeed be fast.

But it looks like a cheap Chinese toy and they didn't know when to stop adding chrome bits. Looks like the London East End wide boys. Looks like a Datsun B-210 Honeybee circa 1981 with a $100 Pep Boys gift certificate.