Friday, October 22, 2004

Pages stained with crumpet butter

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about changing my life to a completely different era. Certainly there is precedent for it, as there are any number of people living the lifestyle of a 50's greaser, but I was thinking of a less obvious era. Before I bought the Puch, I thought I would adopt a 1975 Gregg Allman, 1972 Chevy custom van, San Fernando Valley, Hi-Fi, swimming pool contractor lifestyle. Besides aesthetic benefits, the costs would be so low. All avocado blenders and 8-tracks.

Now that I have the Puch, I think I will adopt the 1979 sensitive college student. Occasionally crashing my Puch and throwing myself on the ground crying. Listening to My Aim is True and drinking cheap chianti as fast as I can so I can stick a candle in it to put on my board and concrete block bookshelves. Riding around on my moped and dressing like I was in a Wes Anderson movie.