Friday, October 15, 2004

The Merits of Contingency

The back of my BUSS FUSES display. Certainly an effective, elegant way to store fuses. When I purchased the display it was half full and for years I was buying fuse boxes to fill it up. Now, I am so rich with fuses, there is a little stack of overflow fuses sitting on the top.

There are some excellent points made on the back of the box, as you are only as good as your emergency plan. I always have a full toolbox, extra spark plug wire or two, duct tape, electrical tape, some lengths of wire and skateboard for worst case scenario. It is also a good idea to keep a macrame beer can hat in the tool box as well, but that is not always possible. I used keep a collapsible bicycle in the trunk of the 54 Chevy. You know, those small wheeled, tall seat posted collapsible bicycles? That was discontinued as the humiliation of a breakdown was usually severe enough that you would not want to add the further insult of looking like an ass on a clown bike.