Thursday, August 26, 2004

To add to the considerable drama of the transformation of this car from junk heap to a true Mister Jalopy Hoopty Ride, we are keeping a complete accounting of expenditures, minus the worthless labor.

Since last update:

- Cleaned for about 16 hours, still a great deal of cleaning to do
- Checked compression - 150, 160, 160, 170
- Started on two cylinders! Sounded so good without any exhaust, decided to get the other two cylinders working
- Started on four cylinders!
- Brake fluid added, which immediately run out the bottom of reservoir
- Made some real fancy floor mats from toolbox liner material purchased from a garage sale (Note: Items from garage are not included in expenditures!)
- Considered naming car, Culpepper, short for Colonel Culpepper but rejected the idea for a number of reasons including it is sickeningly cute and we don't name cars
- Car was set to a staggering 16 degrees advance, we retarded it a but

- All insulation in place. There are probably worse jobs than installing the insulation, but how much worse? Its even worse than cleaning out the old insulation. Maybe.
- Everything cleaned, even the nuts and bolts
- Top, doors, sides, gas lines, back panel, oven light and wiring installed
- Needed parts: a better left side panel would be nice, an oven light switch, one steel door hinge, one chrome vent grate, a spring for the shelf, the spring steel insert that goes in the shelf slider knob and spring steel washers for behind the knobs.
- Looking for O'Keefe and Merritt parts