Saturday, April 30, 2005

New Addition to Hooptyrides Fleet! 1978 Kawasaki KD 100 M! SOLD!

Like Steve McQueen! What an awesome hill climber.

The alleged history from the prior owners, "We had it rebuilt and then it just rotted in the garage!" Nothing to be proud of, but there it is. Inaction.

This little motorcycle would be a super pit bike, great for camping, an excellent ghost town explorer and a life saving contingency plan for when you break down in your four wheeler. All in one $175 motorcycle! It might run!

The gas hose has shrunk from the petcock to the engine. The choke operates, the fuel shut-off pet cock seems to work, the gas tank looks a little rusty dusty inside, the seat is for all intents and purposes gone. It seems to be very complete and I have the pink slip! Tires definitely need to be replaced, but boy is the chrome going to shine up nice. Price these Kawasakis on ebay and you will see that this one is practically free.

100cc's of pure chewing satisfaction! 100cc's to the ends of the earth and back! 100cc's and you can change your life.