Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What does fast look like? Part V

Dominic sent me a photo of his bad ass Nambian-built, Toyota 2WD pick-up based Uri off-road vehicle. It is impossibly cool and there is nothing like it stateside. I have always been a sucker for light 2WD off-road vehicles as it seems so much faster to fly over the rocks than climb them with a four-wheel drive.

The ultimate 4WD 'looks fast as hell' has got to be the Parnelli/Stroppe Baja Bronco. As a kid these looked so damn cool and AFX even made a slot car version of the baja-style Bronco. If you can tolerate tinkly midi embedded web music, follow the link backwards for all the cool AFX slot cars. Turns out I am not that strong.

Not having read about the Parnelli/Stroppe Bronco since I was six years old, I had no idea it was such a high performance, high tech, TIG welded chrome moly tube pure race car (Check out the PJ in the grill. ) The completely handmade custom aluminum body is exquisite in its detail and craftsmanship. In the photo above, check out the slight lip on the rear wheel well radius - beautiful.

This truck looks fast as hell. The flat black hood, the hood pins, the fantastically over the top wing, all the freehand painting, the cartoon-y Bronco logo, the open face helmets and goggles and best of all, sponsored by Olympia beer. Makes me want to immediately put on my macrame beer can hat and have a cold one in a freeway bag.