Friday, October 22, 2004

The very coolest people on earth look even cooler on a 1978 moped.

This is the perfect example of what to buy. If you are thinking, "Maybe I will start going to garage sales, but what would I buy?" this is an awfully good starting point. Despite low purchase price, many items skyrocket as you fix them up as even the most minor components quickly eclipse your best bargain. But this Puch is a real garage find. Very complete.

Astute readers will note the cleanliness of the carburator. Before I clean up the Puch, I want to be sure I am up and running without issue or concern. Therefore, I have removed the 1/4" of lacquered gasoline from the carburator bowl. I ordered a few parts from, I shit you not, Moped Warehouse. God bless the internet. A new fuel jet, some fuel line, a fuel filter and a new fuel petcock are on their way.

11 reasons why the Puch is so cool:

1. It looks crummy, but it is all surface rust and filth
2. It is all there
3. The color
4. Made in Austria
5. Puch. Sounds like Puke. And it is Puch green.
6. Internal combustion engine
7. The name, Maxi Luxe
8. 2 Stroke!
9. Pedals! If you break down, you can pedal home! Built in contingency plan. Bad ass.
10. Book carrier
11. 150 mpg! Put that in your hybrid pipe and smoke it!